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BASES/support for the artist

Groups of up to 14 artists meet once a week via Zoom (both Portuguese and English language groups are offered). Rather than study the Michael Chekhov technique head on, which is limited by the online format, groups broaden their creative life exploring the fundamental bases that support an artist's work and the creative process, elements such as Concentration, Imagination, Qualities, Energy/Direction, Sensations of Feeling, Thinking/Willing/Feeling, Expansion/Contraction, Polarities, Incorporation, the Feeling of Ease, Form, Beauty and a Sense of the Whole, Wonder and Surprise, among others.

Michael Chekhov Brasil's extensive ARCHIVE provides a constant source of inspiration and further enquiry, including into the philosophies behind Michael Chekhov's artistic vision. The archive  includes books in numerous languages, first editions, articles and hundreds of print and digital documents, including the entire Deirdre Hurst du Prey "The Actor is the Theatre" class transcriptions.

Although more like a collaborative study group than a typical acting workshop, BASES participants do usually work on their feet for at least part of each class, since as actors we always veer towards bringing what we're exploring into the body.

BASES sessions are designed to support, provoke, strengthen and inspire the participants' ongoing artistic practice, whether this takes place in studios, acting schools, college programmes, or professional and amateur acting work.

The groups welcome actors from all corners/backgrounds/accents and the workshop has been designed to play a permanent role in Michael Chekhov Brasil's pedagogy well beyond the Covid-19 crisis.

Important women in Michael Chekhov's professional life are honoured in the names of the groups. The Portuguese language groups currently working are: Turma Georgette, Turma Beatrice and Turma Deirdre.

The English language group is Group Dorothy, which will start work on 18th August.


Weekly sessions run throughout the year, but groups work in CYCLES OF 8 SESSIONS, enabling people to come and go according to their needs.


Tuesdays, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Rio time

Start time of 2h session in some other time zones:
8:30 a.m. US west
11:30 a.m. US east
4:30 p.m. London
5:30 p.m. Paris/Berlin/Rome/Madrid
6:30 p.m. Tel Aviv

Next cycle: 18th August to 6th October

Total hours:
16h per cycle (8x 2h sessions)
Groups: between 10 and 14 participants
Cost: US$80 / €70 / £60 for 8 sessions
Payment: wire transfer to £/UK or €/Ireland account, or Paypal.

Sessions will be recorded for Michael Chekhov Brasil's archives.

Two weeks before the end of each cycle, participants will indicate whether they wish to remain for the next cycle. Any free spots will be offered to newcomers.

Signing up for only part of an 8-week cycle is not permitted.


To apply for a place in Group Dorothy (working from 18th August) send an e-mail to with the following information:

- Name
- Town / Country
- Phone/WhatsApp
- A few lines about your current moment as an artist, motivations and expectations for the group, perhaps something about your interest in and experience with Michael Chekhov's legacy.