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Michael Chekhov Brasil's main activity is the series of workshops offered all year round in Rio de Janeiro. In 2016 the programme is comprised of the Michael Chekhov Training, an ambitious 2-month workshop; 4-day introductory workshops Transformation; and Trilhas, a weekly meeting where Rio's "chekhovian" community can explore and strengthen its artistic practice and share its vision inspired by Michael Chekhov.
All sessions are given in Portuguese, although if you are at home with the Michael Chekhov work and are visiting Rio, you'd be most welcome to come and visit (as well as English, we're able to  sidecoach in French and German).

We also give workshops in São Paulo and other cities and in 2014 launched our MASTER CLASS programme to bring teachers from abroad. During the first semester of 2016 Michael Chekhov Brasil was invited by UNICAMP - Federal University of Campinas to teach three groups of graduate and post-graduate students and faculty members.

More information on all these events can be found on the Portuguese version this website.