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The programme MICHAEL CHEKHOV MASTER CLASS brings international teachers to Brazil for workshops. Its main objective is to offer actors actively practicing the Michael Chekhov technique the opportunity to work with master teachers from around the world, and since these are English-language events they open up new possibilities for "chekhovian" actors from different countries to come and explore together in Brazil. We also encourage participants to share their experiences working with or teaching the technique in the local realities of different parts of the world.


Between 7th and 11th January 2014, Lenard Petit visited Michael Chekhov Brasil leading a 4-day workshop for a group of up 16 actors, and giving a talk/demonstration, the latter open to the public. Both events were facilitated by Hugo Moss (for translation into Portuguese for local participants).

Lenard Petit is director of the Michael Chekhov Acting Studio (New York), a vice president of MICHA, The Michael Chekhov Association, author of the book The Michael Chekhov Handbook and one of the most experienced and active teachers in spreading the Michael Chekhov technique across the world.

The workshops MICHAEL CHEKHOV MASTER CLASS are a partnership between
Michael Chekhov Brasil
and MICHA, The Michael Chekhov Association